One of the most frustrating issues with moving from Ubuntu to Fedora for a user of zsh is zsh’s configuration, which appears to differ between both the OS’ in terms of the out of the box defaults.

As I’ve become more accustomed to using the keyboard over the years, particularly when coding, the home and end keys are particularly useful. I’ve found them to be equally useful within the shell in Linux, and particularly within my preferred shell, zsh. Before switching to Fedora for my workstation, I had been using Ubuntu desktop for a while due to the familiarity I’d gained using Ubuntu Server for a number of years and didn’t think twice about how the home and end keys just worked, however, when switching to Fedora the keys no longer worked.

As it turned out, Ubuntu was doing me a favour with their defaults as zsh is designed not to handle these keys as they can differ across architectures and hardware. However, they can be enabled by adding the following into your .zshrc file:

# Home and End Key Bindings
bindkey '^[[H' beginning-of-line
bindkey '^[[F' end-of-line

Note: for references I’m using a en-gb layout, I’m not sure if these can also be applied to other layouts with the same bindings.